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Chef Shige San joined our team the winter of 2020. He and his family moved to the Island from Banff, Alberta. Shige San brings 25 years of experience, a well-rounded skill set and a playful energy to our team.

Shige grew up in the beautiful Kyoto Japan. He left home to study marine biology at Hokkaido University. After graduation he decided to follow his passion and trained in pastry, specializing in French desserts, which ultimately brought him to Canada. Shige trained at the renowned Beaujolais restaurant in Banff, moving to The Rim Rock Resort Hotel to work at Eden, a five-diamond restaurant. At the Rim Rock he met Chef Castro and Chef Moto San. They’ve been good friends since then.

Chef Shige San enjoys experimenting with fusion cuisine. When he is not working, he takes his family on outdoor adventures around the Island. We are thrilled to have him and his talents on our team.

Shige: Our Team
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