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Hot Sauces, Marinades & Dressings

Check out what makes HOB unique! Locally sourced ingredients with flavors inspired around the world!

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This hot sauce is a flavorful representation of House of Boateng. With a sweet, intense heat and  a balance of acidity and warm spices, we consider this to be the best hot sauce on the market. Chef Castro wanted to create a hot sauce that didn’t mask any flavours of his dishes at the restaurant, but rather enhance them. We like to describe this sauce as a “smooth reggae beat” which is always in tune.

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Jerk is a style of cooking in Jamaica and this marinade features roasted allspice, which is one of the most important ingredients in Caribbean culture, and habanero pepper.  We use the Jerk Marinade to enhance our chicken and is the counterpart to our Jerk-Up BBQ Sauce.



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HOB Harissa Marinade is a North African spiced paste with sweet roasted peppers and a combination of Moroccan spices. This marinade is an incredible spice blend, which we use in our signature aioli at the restaurant, and it is sure to bring your BBQ game to the next level!

Jerkup wings.jpg


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HOB’s Jerk-Up BBQ sauce is not your traditional BBQ sauce. It combines the intense flavour of HOB’s jerk marinade with a sweet and smoky BBQ flavour, and there’s no doubt that you will be known as a master chef on the grill with this smoky and unique sauce that will spice up your favourite meats.

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This dressing is inspired by Chef Castro’s love for mild curry sauce which is a Jamaican curry blend which is said to be softer than your typical curry flavours. This curry dressing is well-known for its vanilla bean taste with roots that travel back to Madagascar.

Orange Miso dressing.jpg


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HOB Miso and Orange Dressing was created by our talented Head Chef Moto. Although he came up with the idea in our kitchen on Vancouver Island, Chef Moto was inspired by the flavours that he experienced during his travels in Asia. This sauce is full of different flavours, and you’ll notice notes of ginger, sesame, and soya sauce with a hint of sweet garlic.

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